Friday, December 21, 2012

December Days - Day 20

Most of you know how much I truly love Instagram, for the joy of sharing pictures, sharing my life, and yes, mostly with complete strangers, but funny thing is, those strangers slowly become friends, even if from afar, and as they watch your life through photos, and you watch theirs, the ties between you get stronger, and then, like today, wonderful things happen from these friendships....

today I opened up the mailbox, to find a bubble mailer, sent all the way from Hungary, yes, half way around the world from here, and it was full of Christmas happiness...what a generous offering from new friend.

So today, this is what I'm sharing in my December Daily...the generousity, and giving spirit the holidays invoke.

I love the hand written note on the back of the Christmas Card

I tried to capture all that was in the package, so full of wonderful goodies.
And all my style of things too, which will be included in my Dec Daily Album.
So a big thank you to Instagram, and to new friends, near and far. And Monika, you are truly a wonderful women to have sent me and some of the other IG girls some Christmas goodies.

PS I also love the stamps from the envelop, so I will be carefully taking them off to include on my page in my December Daily album.

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