Saturday, September 8, 2012

Jordyn's birthday cake

Using the Iphone app called Instaframe, I made a collage
of the stages of making Jordyn's birthday cake for her
19th birthday. I love decorating cakes.

And here's my little secret, I love the decorating process,
I love making something so simple look so elegant, but
I don't like baking cakes from scratch, nor do I have any
success when trying to make icing either. That is why 
Betty Crocker invented easy cake mixes, and then
icing in a jar....see for me, it's the final cake, the
wow factor that makes me happy, and makes the
person receiving it happy as well. It's the making
it as individual as the person its made for, to add
details that will bring a smile to their face that is
well worth the effort of the decorating process.

And well it started the night before with me making
the cake mix (rainbow sprinkle is her favorite) and
dividing it into two round cake tins to bake.

The next day, I spread Smucker's wildberry jam on the
top of the bottom round, then topped with the french
vanilla icing and then smeared it all together, before topping
it with the other round. I then did a layer of icing, but it was
so warm in the house that it was falling off as quickly as I 
was putting it on, and I was getting super frustrated, so into
the fridge it went for 30 minutes for cool down.

In that time, I took all the roses (purchased two 
silk bouquets from the dollar store) and then once
I had seperated the flowers and leaves from the
stems, I took a wet cloth and washed each and
every piece that would be going on the cake, yes
it is an important thing to remember when using non
edible things on a cake, make sure they are clean.

Once the icing had cooled down, I finished spreading it, then
a simple technique I used to dimple it is to just use a butter 
knife and tap up and down, pulling some icing up as you go.
For someone like me with limited cake decorating skills, I find
it less stressful then trying to get that perfect smooth icing finish.

I then just added leaves, and alternating rose colors until I liked
how the cake looked, and since I know roses are one of her
favorite flowers, I knew she would love her cake, and she did.

Happy 19th birthday to my baby girl.
Love you lots xoxo

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  1. happy birthday jordyn! y ou ar ea lucky lady!!!!