Saturday, September 8, 2012

He loves me

Nothing say I love you then a random stop on the way home
by hubby after running some errands, and then when he comes
back to the truck and is standing by your door holding
a wonderful bouquet of flowers. How awesome is that?

I honestly was thinking he was in a snacky mood and ran
in to get his usual snack of cheese nibs, so while I was
cruising IG waiting in the truck, I had no idea I would
be so happily surprised in a few short minutes :)

When I asked him what they were for, he simply said, because,
you haven't had flowers in a while, and I felt like getting you
some. How sweet is he...and I guess I'll continue to
keep him

Thank you dear hubby for always keeping me guessing
and for always showing me how much you care.

love you back.....xoxo

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