Sunday, September 2, 2012

Whistler Jeep Adventure

On Saturday Tim and I went on a spontaneous road trip up
to Whistler, and we splurged and went on a wonderful,
off road jeep tour. This was the pamplet that got it all 
happening for us. 

Our chariot awaits!!! Our driver Georgie was 
full of info and we lucked out and didn't have
a full jeep, just another couple so lots of
interior leg room for us all.

Tim had the better side of the Jeep for views, so 
most of my photos are taken out his window.

As we got higher, the snow became more
apparent, and the temperatures dropped enough
that it was nice to feel the blast of heat
coming from the front of the jeep's interior
fans. I'm sure they were turned up as
high as they could go, but with the top
off, you could only stay so warm.

And then we were up about 6000 ft above
sea level and there was still a significant amount
of snow that hadn't melted this summer. Not
sure if you can see it, but there is a pinkish
tinge to the snow top layer, and that
is an algea, cool little tidbit of info.

Once we got to the vantage point for viewing the
sunset, we got out and took pictures and 
realized just how cold it was up there, to the
point that Tim was shivering so much his hands
wouldn't stop shaking to take non blurry photos.

My poor cold hubby, trying his hardest not
to turn into an ice cube...lets just say when
we started out our day we had no idea we
would end up at the top of Blackcomb Mtn
surrounded by snow, so we were not dressed
appropriately at all to say the least.

Our awesome guide/driver insisted that photos
were to be taken with us inside the jeep, so that
is what we did. Oh and doing this made us want
a jeep even more so then before.

This is our wonderful, knowledgable tour guide, 
Georgie, whom I asked to get a photo of, so
she posed as the lazy slacker driver....too funny.

I don't think we could have had a better guide, she told us
stories, was full of historical references, and even told us
about the Native tale of the Hemlock tree, who hangs
his head in shame. We now now about the different
terrain, trees, berries and floral growth of the mtn,
and all the while doing so with a good sense of humor.
At one point she even started calling for the local
bear she had seen a few times earlier, and luckily
he was actually spotted on the side of a grassy
cliff, but it was too dark to take a good photo.

A great couple of photos taken by Georgie of us
by the edge. what an amazing view.

And this was the best of the sunset we could get
since Mother Nature didn't cooperate and the
cloud cover was thick. But the sun did manage
to peek through. I did manage to snap a few nice
shots though, so happy with the whole experience.

On the way back down the we both used
the warm blankets to keep warm. A great
idea to have when you are uptop of a 
snow covered mountain.

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