Thursday, January 5, 2012


I came home from work today and decided it was time to de Christmasfy the house...I figured a few hours and I would be little I knew when I started 5 hours ago. Because most of the stuff was in the living room and Tim is addicted to his xbox right now, I piled everything into the dining room, vacuumed and dusted so I was clear of the and off I went into pack everything up mode. This is a big portion of what was around the house, but not including the tree.

I asked Tim to snap a photo of me taking down the tree decorations, lights etc because as I was doing so, I was enjoying a trip down memory lane, different ornaments having a story, the homemade garlands each with there own see, when the tree goes up and it's decorated, it's the girls that get to take their own trips down memory lane and it's all them in the decoration process....for me, its when it comes down, and I carefully package it up safely to be stored til next Christmas.

Okay, what's up with a box that seems to be laughing at me with the question, "you expect all that to fit into me?" I know it fits, does each and every year, but it amazes me that it is at all possible, crazy tree, 3 separate pieces, and the stand all fit into this box, with the help of lots of duck tape to hold it all in there. There are literally layer upon layer of old tape strips from years gone by.

I carefully piled all the ornaments onto the floor, placing them on top of the tree skirt for fear they would roll over over the place. Carefully wrapping up each and every ornament took me a very long time, and then of course packing them into containers to bring to storage is a chore in itself, trying to conserve as much space as possible.

And this is how the table will stay tonight, I am dog tired and have no more desire to tidy, clean or put away another thing...tomorrow is another day....

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