Thursday, January 5, 2012

Kinder Surprise

I decided to start a fun series here on my blog all about camera play.
One, because I love taking pictures and sharing them, and secondly,
my point and shoot camera came to an unexpected death just days
before Christmas, leaving me with my Nikon D40, which I love, but
still don't "get" if you know what I mean. So this will be me
posting more and more as I learn how to use this camera I have
had for 3 years now. Today, I'm playing with my micro setting.

Amy did stockings this Christmas for Tim and I, and we
both received a gift pack of Kinder Surprises.
Which is awesome, because a toy inside your
chocolate is good at any age. :)

This is the fun Giraffe I got in mine, it is supposed
to be filled with water and when pushed down,
the water will come out of it's mouth :)

Little green Monkey is a stamp that Tim got in his
surprise, and I must say, not the best stamp out there,
more like a green blob then a green monkey face.

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