Friday, December 30, 2011

First time :)

We got our new Espresso machine on Boxing Day and I set it up a few days later, made the counter area a little mini coffee bistro :) I have been scared to try it out, so last night Amy read the little book that came with it, and made Tim and I our first lattes from it. Not too bad, a bit weak, but right now it's trial and error. So today when we got home, I wanted to try it myself, and boy did I make a mess.

I did manage to make 2 little cups of espresso, to add to our lattes, I made Tim's his usual caramel, and he said it didn't turn out too bad, just have to get used to heating the milk up hotter is all, but it foams so much, I have to figure that part out. But just for the espresso brewing part, look at the mess, argh, hopefully that gets better as we go too.

And talk about milk spillage, just a bit on the base, the counter and the cloth, I am sure I will get better at judging how full is too full to make the little steamer jug. I know it says half way, but that doesn't fill the travel mugs, so I did 3/4 full, and spilled a bit, but it was the perfect amount of milk.

This is my drink, I used eggnog as the milk, and added gingerbread syrup (don't tell Jordyn, since it's hers from a Christmas gift... :P) then added some whipped cream, and it turned out pretty good I must say.

A view of our brewing station...can't wait to see what other combinations I can come up with as I get more confident with our new machine.

And a big thank you to Linda, my mother in law, and my dad whom helped us out with the purchase of this via Christmas money :)

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