Monday, December 26, 2011

Dec 25th

I am torn as to my entry today...because the one thing I really want to have in here is the fact that I actually got to see my parents on Skype today and enjoy seeing them on Christmas morning, something I haven't been able to do since they moved away many years ago. Now before we started talking, I knew I wanted to get a picture, but then the craziness of Christmas morning happened, and before I knew it, we had spent 20 minutes talking to them and then we said our goodbyes...and afterwards I remember I hadn't taken a picture, I had planned on getting one looking right at them on the screen and one with the girls talking to them...but I don't have them, but have the memories,so I may just still have it as my entry, and maybe stage a Skype conversation with them again on New Years day, and use that photo as my photo for today...but if nothing else, I will have tidbits of our conversation to share on my Dec are some of the highlights.....

Talking way too loudly, mom moving the wrong way all the time so we only saw half her face for most of the conversation :) walking around with the computer to show them the mess of all the unwrapped gifts and mounds of paper and bows. Jordyn showing them the Christmas tree in her room, Dad showing us the mini fishing rod he got, and Tim teasing him about it, Tim talking with my parents for a few minutes and laughing and joking. Them telling me how by lending out their chairs so their landlord could have enough for company, that the landlord broughts them all the fixing for a yummy Christmas dinner, and mom didn't have to cook any of it :) talking about and thanking each other for our gifts...but most of all, seeing how happy my mom was to be able to spend some time with us on Christmas that my first time on Skype wasn't as scary and awkward as I thought it would be....<3


  1. How great Jo-Anne .. where are your parents

  2. LOL first off Tammy, I haven't seen my name written like that in years. My mom would be so proud of you, that's how it's supposed to be, but I got rid of the hyphen and the capital A years ago. Anyways, both mom and dad live in Welland ON just a little ways away from Niagra Falls.

  3. lol .. I'm happy to hear I spelled it right =)

    So great that your able to keep in contact using the computer .. nice to see who your talking to .. gotta love technology =)