Saturday, December 24, 2011

Dec 24th

Traditions, some old, some new, some past down from generation to generation...and Christmas Eve for us is a combination of all. We did something new this year, as a family and went to the aquarium, we had our traditional dinner, our big spread of food, and the girls got to open their one gift, this year, warm we have something new, something old, and something pasted down from Tim and I as we both opened gifts on Christmas Eve as generational that traditions have history, but also love that they can start whenever you want them to, and make them a tradition by repeating them each and every year.

Amy loves Zebra prints and Jordyn loves anything Leopard print, so how lucky was I when I found both of this warm soft blankets at JYSK....and a great gift for Christmas Eve, to curl up with while we watch our Christmas movies.

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