Sunday, December 18, 2011

Dec 17th

So today's post is not something that ordinarily happens around our house, so it's a must for my Dec Daily album. This year, we actually are buying alcohol in the forms of bottles of Captain Morgan's Rum, Irish Creme and Kahlua :) and a case of Sleeman's as well as a few bottles of wine that have been gifted to us. And although Tim has a drink socially once in a while, we are not one's to ever have booze in the house, so it was kind of fun and a bit daunting to walk around the liquor store tonight and try and figure out what to get to stock up. This year we are hosting lots of family on Boxing Day, and wanted it to be fun. And I'm not promising anything, but I may even have a drink.

Of course when we picked up Amy from work, and she had read my FB update about spending over $100 at the Liquor store, she thought her parents had been replaced with replica' she was sad she hadn't been there to laugh at us and offer suggestions.

And knowing this would be my Dec Daily entry, I had to take a few good photo's of the booze...Happy Holidays.

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