Sunday, October 23, 2011

Geomonster Ball - Lynden WA

Tim signed us up for this event a while back, and we were so excited when the day finally arrived. Lately, the only sane part of our lives have been when we have been out caching, away from everything, enjoying some nature, some searching, and the joy of the find. This event was quite a big one, and it was estimated that around 2000 cachers would be joining in the fun. There were a few levels to this event, and it ranged from free participation to the highest fee of $35 which included some free items and perks...which is the level we choose. Besides a small issue at the border, don't get me started on the jerk of a US customs official who made me cry, the day was so much fun. We met so many fellow cachers, and it was nice to be able to put faces to names we are so familiar with. At the beginning, there were lots of cachers at each cache so there wasn't much searching, but more sociallizing as we made our way from cache find to cache find. After about the first hour, the crowds at each cache dwindled down, so for most of the day, we were the only ones finding and rehiding, which was much more of a challenge. Occasionally throughout the day, we would happen upon a small group so more chatting would be done, then a wave goodbye until the next. The cache organizers did an amazing job, since it was all volunteer, and the caches themselves were fun and some amusing as well. Each cache was hidden well, but still able to be a quick park and grab, which allowed us to total out the day with 59 finds, our highest daily cache find ever. :) I've included quite a few photos with this blog post, but the photos say so much about the cache even, I couldn't resist, enjoy!

They had faux street signs made for the event.

Our caching names on landyards so we could be easily identified by other cachers.

When we first got to the event, around 9am, it was pouring rain, but luckily, about an hour later, the clouds parted and we enjoyed a almost rain free day.

When we headed back to the truck to head out to find caches, we noticed lots and lots of the car travel bugs on vehicles, so we walked around taking photos of them so we could log the finds when we got home. We found 22 of them on seperate vehicles. Only a an event like this is it okay to walk around photographing other people's

This cache was so realistic, I had to take a photo of it, even the texture and the wrinkles in the toes was eerily real.

This cache took us a bit to find, we were searching all around the ground, in bushes, and it was literally sitting in a branch right above my head, I look up and had a duh moment.

Hands and feet were the theme of a lot of the caches hidden for this event. Funny thing is, this one was hidden right at the entrance to a shotgun club...only in America.

The other theme was food, lots of caches either looked like food, like this loaf of bread, or had plastic food glued to the container lid.

Good thing I'm not scared of spiders, because this is one big ass spider.

Very realistic looking catapillar, it was about a foot long though.

This cache was appropriately called "thump thump"

Each cacher that paid for the event had a cache hidden in honor of their team. Ours was called "French Fries" and when we found it, this is how it looked.

My hubby the cheese head, lol.

This cache was called "Brainiac".

This cache we are searching for in the photo was the final to the event, in which we had to walk around the Museum where the dinner was held, gather clues to get the coordinates and then go off and find it. We were there about 15 minutes without finding it, then more and more cars arrived, and by the time it was finally found, there were about 10 vehicles, 30 people, and the only way we eventually found it was by the phone a friend option..the coordinated were off by about 120 feet.

After finally signing the log book on this one, we headed back down towards Bellingham, found a couple more caches, stopped at Fred Meyer, a must for me while down in the states, then finally crossed back into Canada around 10:30 pm..a long fun day.

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  1. Sounds like you had a ton of fun!! Glad to hear it :)