Thursday, October 20, 2011

Balancing Work and Play

Lately, work has become a chore, yup, a chore. Now don't

get me wrong, we know we have to work, provide for our

family and pay for all of life's necessities and "toys", but lately,

work has become frustrating, unrewarding, and just plain

boring and not a place either of us want to be. It's not always

like this for me, but lately, especially with the last 4 houses

we've done, that it's just the same old same old, same style,

same moldings, same everything, not because Tim is boring,

but because the builder want's it that way, and it is boring.

We could do it all in our sleep, and each day it's like, yawn,

let's do it all over again. So today, like other days, we look

for things to keep us from the monotony of it all, silly things

usually, playful in nature, just to break out a smile here and, it was just pointing out the

Tim doesn't follow directions very

But one of the good things about being self employed, and

working side by side with your hubby, is that when you feel

like playing hookie from work, either by taking a whole day

or even a few hours to just escape, you can. And our escape

lately has been geocaching, and lots of it, we had taken a year off

from caching, and this summer have gotten back into it with even

more gusto then before. So it's not unusual to find us in the truck,

GPS or Iphone leading us to another fun find, or as of late, a list

of puzzle caches that Tim has been solving online, to get the

coordinates revealed so we can go and locate the physical

cache, so now also accompaning us is a list, with pages

of caches to be found.

Without this pastime, I think both of us may have

succumbed to the pressure and stress of our work

day and no release of this may be a bad thing,

for both our relationship and our health.

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  1. Glad to see you are finding a stress release! I must run to get rid of my stress!!