Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pumpkin Time

Yup it's that time of year again. Amy's favorite
time of year actually. Except this year, it hasn't
lived up to her expectations. Not even close,
because life just has a way of getting to be too
much sometimes and not letting us have the time
or energy to put into our favorite things. We all
seem to be going through our own issues right
now, and even though the girls and I made time
for one another to gather pumpkins, it's just not
the same as it used to be, at least the fun and the
excitement of it all. And for Amy, this is a big
disappointment, and I wish there were more time
to get a big party together or a spooky house all
done up, but there just isn't. So we will have to
just accept it for what it is, but be thankful that at least we
did have this brief time of togetherness and outside fresh air,
with the sun shinning down, instead of the rain like today.

We went down a few blocks from home fo Rondriso Farms
which was offering a hayride and pumpkin picking from the
fields or you could just pick ones that they had already gathered, which is the option we chose.

They had quite the selection of pumpkins, the girls both choosing traditional looking ones, but I was tempted to get
one like these, all wart covered, like a witches nose, but still,
my heart was set on another, one I had seen many times
as we drove past the farm on our way home.

Asking Jordyn to pose for a photo amongst the pumpkins was not a hard thing to do, but finding just the right ones to
pose with, that took a bit, but I do love the large skinny like
pumpkins she finally decided to sit with.

My choice is among this group of pumpkins, can
you figure out which one it may be??? you will
discover it in a few minutes.

I love how the people at the farm made it as
festive as they could and I took advantage by
capturing as much as I could on "film", fall is
my favorite time of year, all those glorious rich
colors just waiting to be showcased.

Even the old tractor got spruced up for the
arrival of the pumpkin harvest.

Once we had eaten dinner, I made us hot caramel apple cider with whipped cream and caramel
drizzle to help us through the ordeal of pumpkin
gutting and to get our creative juices flowing for
the creation of our jack o lanterns.

Scooping out the guts of the biggest pumpking of
the bunch, but she was keeping her craving idea
a secret, not be be known until she was all done.

My pumpkin, did you pick the right kind off of the skid earlier? Tim and I had went to a
geocaching event last weekend, so I used the
cute monster off of the sticker we got as my
muse for this creation, then I used my cricuit
to spell out Geomonster and sliced tiny slits in the
top of my pumpkin to slide the letters into.

All the jack o lanterns lite outside, Amy's is the
Mario one, which is awesome, Jordyn's is the
Taylor Swift one, in honor of the concert we saw
in Sept, along with music notes....and mine is
the cutes monster ever.

So even though it may not have been the most exciting day and we may have all had other stuff on our minds, the one thing we did get was time together, hours actually, and for that, it was well worth it.

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