Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy, Sad, Jealous and feeling the Love

that is all the emotions that I felt when Jordyn texted me

this photo when she arrived in Toronto. My mom has been

so excited about her visit, and when she saw Jordyn coming

down the escalator actually ran through the gates and grabbed her

to give her a hug, all the while yelling, there she is... :)

She had the cab driver take this picture just after that so she

could capture the moment. And you can see how happy they all

are to finally be in each other's company again. And me, well,

no I am not there, and although I am happy they are having

this time together, I wish I could be there too. Now it's been

over 6 years since I saw my mom, and yes, I could have gone

out myself, but for the 4 of us to go is too expensive and I don't

like to leave my family to go somewhere by myself, so this is

the price I pay. I saw this picture when I was walking through

Clipper Street of all places, and well, I'm standing there looking

at it, happy, relieved she got there safely, jealous that it wasn't

me in the photo, and also feeling blessed that they are getting

this chance to be together. And what do I do, standing in the middle

of the scrapbooking store, I start to cry, yup, luckily I was the only

one around so I didn't embarrass myself too much, but the lady that

worked there did keep looking at me, so I eventually went up and told

her about the picture. So my fellow scrappers out there will understand

that when I do a LO about this page, it will be all about this story, not about

the picture or the people in it, for once, it will be about the emotions the

picture itself envoked on me. Love my family so much <3

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