Thursday, July 14, 2011

So proud of you Jordyn

Today we went to Jordyn's school one last time,

walking in to the office I realized just how this

school has been there for both of my girls, has

provided them a safe place to be a teen, to make

friends, to learn how to be a responsible young

adult, and to give them the education needed to

succeed at whatever they choose to do in life.

This is the handfull of things we returned

home with today. Her 1st Class Honor Roll

certificate, the plaque for Outstanding

Acheivement in Yearbook, as not only did

she take the course, but then she also peer

tutored in it the second semester, leaving a

lasting impression on her teacher. We also

got both the pamplets from the awards ceremony

since we missed being able to go to it. Something

about seeing your childs name on print, even as

small as a pamplet, makes your heart swell with

pride. Her report card was also included, and she

graduated from grade 12 with straight A's for her

senior year. What's not to be proud of there.

She also was given a silver medal in the poetry contest

for her grade, and her poem was published into the

Sounds of the Swamp book, which she received today,

and because she was the silver medalist, her poem

was on the second page of the book. :)

I have taken a picture of her poem for you to read

if you wish, I had never read it before, I know, bad

mom, but it was so much better to read it for the

first time in the book. Another proud moment for

me as a mom.

so all that being said, I can't be more proud

of you Jordyn and all you've accomplished in

the 5 years of high school. Great job, and

can't wait to see what you accomplish next.


  1. Congrats to Jordyn!!
    And to you and Tim for doing a great job raising fabulous girls! :)

  2. That is so awesome Joanne, what a talented girl you have! Lots to be proud of - including how great a mom you are!!