Thursday, June 23, 2011

When life hands you too much

run away...yep I said it, you run away, far away if possible, leave it all behind, if even for a little while. With that being said, Tim and I have been working hard, putting up with dumb ass people, people who keep getting more and more, much more then they deserve or we originally agreed to when we took the job, and much more then the deal Tim gave them on their house in the first place. So today was the final what if we have work still on going, or 3 projects when we get back. Today, we needed to know that there was an escape...and there is...with an open invitation to visit anytime, our friends Andy and Mike have opened there home to us for a week starting July we will be escaping to Sunny California, Long Beach to be exact for a few days, then a road trip to Vegas for a few days, then back to finish up our trip in Long Beach. It's 7 days, more then any other trip we've had, 7 days of bliss, of not thinking about bills, work, kids (well maybe just a bit about them) about housework, or even driving...yup, we are running away.

this photo is from last July when they met up with us in Vegas and took us on a wonderful day trip through Red Rock Canyon. Can't wait to see what adventures we have this trip. And also, it will be our first time in the USA for July 4th, :)

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