Tuesday, December 9, 2014

December Daily 2014 - Day 9

Work days can be long and boring
sometimes, especially in an
outpatient veterinary practice.
But it seems that at this time
of year, we are seeing more new
puppies and kittens, and our
days are full with appointments.
Added cheerfulness in the air,
people more in a festive and
personable mood, make for a
even better day.
My coworker and myself decorated
the clinic last week, and although
they may be minimal, they bring
joy to all of us that work here
and to clients walking in.

It's also that wonderful time of
year where clients and both food
and drug reps come in with goodies
for the doctors and the staff. And
you do know that since it is all
kept up in the reception area, it's
us girls that tend to do most of
the eating of said treats.

Merry Christmas from my work to yours.

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