Monday, February 11, 2013

December Days - Day 26

This is the last posting for my December Days as another Christmas season has come to an end. Now I can focus on actually putting together my physical December Daily Album.

Today is Boxing Day, and like last year, we went shopping, but unlike last year, where I included our shopping adventure in my album, I decided to do a focus on all the food, those that have become traditional, and allow us to look back in the future to see what has stayed the same and what, if any, have changed.

Our typical, traditional, food assortment for Christmas Eve, and then
lots of nibbling on the same foods through New Year's Day.
Always make Linda's fruit salad each holiday season,  it's just as important
as all the other holiday fixings. A must on our table.
The turkey, perfectly roast, well, not this year, it was a bit dry, but the
skin is my favorite part anyways, so perfectly crunchy for me.

Then the stock is made, and ready for the morning, so I can get a batch
of turkey soup ready for dinner to go along with our turkey sandwiches.
a great way to end our shopping day here on Boxing Day.

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