Wednesday, December 26, 2012

December Days - Day 23

Baking...for me, that means a full day and then some. I usually just take one day to do all my baking for Christmas and I usually start early in the day and work until late in the evening. This year was no different, as I baked pretty much for 12 hours straight. And I had to admit to myself a little defeat, as I didn't get everything I wanted to bake, done. I honestly ran out of time, and energy, to get to making the bars I had on my baking list. That being said, I am happy with all the cookies I did bake, along with my mincemeat tarts, and the banana and pumpkin spice loaves.

Here's a collage photo of all the baking I got done today...I know it's lots, but I love to give family and friends baking at Christmas time, and this allows for me to give lots away.

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