Saturday, December 15, 2012

December Days - Day 13

I have wanted to cross the border to get some shopping done for a while now, but since Tim isn't a fan of going to Bellingham, we put it off...luckily I convinced him to got with me today to get some groceries and some Christmas shopping done....and I think he even had a decent time shopping, imagine that.

Knowing we would be going down to the States, I had the girls give me stocking stuffer
ideas that may be good for me to grab while I was down there, as some of the things
they like makeup wise is only available at either Target or Fred Meyer. 

The cute Santa photo area in Beliisfair Mall in Bellingham WA. I am a big lover
of snowmen, and this one is just a little big for me to get home... :)

After almost 5 hours of shopping, driving, and dealing with all the traffic, our
last stop before heading back to Canada was at our favorite coffee shop in
the area, near Blaine, is Woods Coffee, where I went in to get Tim his
reward for cross border shopping days like today. 

Hey, it all can't be for Christmas you and green M&M's, both
in milk chocolate and peanut form.....peanuts are my favorite.

And yes, I will admit this, because of an earlier IG post by one
of my IG friends, I knew I needed to get to Target ASAP as
to not miss out on these wonderful little marshmallow bits.
And bonus to find some great coffee creamer flavors.

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