Saturday, November 24, 2012

Project Life - Week 27

This first week of July was a busy one. The one word to best describe it would be explore. We found new places to
go, saw things differently through our photography, and enjoyed the beautiful weather we finally were having.
This week was so full, that I included an extra page insert that holds 4x4 photos, which after some trail and error,
I figured out how to print off of my computer. Sometimes you just have to outsmart technology.

This left hand side is a bit of everything. I love using the number stickers when lots happened during the week, so
that I can use a journaling card with point like entries. This page covers everything from a favorite photo I took, to
Jason's car accident, to work and grocery shopping. And look, I got a pic of Tim smiling. woot woot!!

We went on a day road trip down across the border, and discovered two little heritage towns that
we had no idea were there. And in Ferndale, not only did we explore the old settler site, but there was
also a classic car show going on there as well, so double fun, and lots of photos. 

This is a look at how the back side of the insert and right hand side of the week looks.

This back side of the photo insert was from the second little town we discovered, just south of Bellinghan, WA.
It's called Fairhaven, and we enjoyed walking the quiet streets, taking in the history and beauty all around. I was
in picture taking heaven here, so much to capture on each street, around each corner and alleyway. Oh, and I had
on of the best coffee frappes ever at a coffee/wine bar and eatery called Rustic :) 

This right hand side rounded out our week, mostly journaling cards with s few photos
 that were taken as the week came to an end. I love weeks like this, so full of living life,
instead of just the same daily routines. Love that photography has opened up
 our eyes to more adventures and roadtrips.

Below are the close ups of all the journaling cards for the week.
From the left hand side of the spread.

Top of the right hand side of the week.

The three cards from the middle of the right hand page.

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