Saturday, November 24, 2012

Project Life - June monthly summary

For the monthly insert for June, I used, as I did in May, one quote card, which was a free
download and printable offline, as was the journalling card I used. Some months I tell a more
indepth story, sometimes its more a point by point thing, it just goes with whatever I am
in the mood to share, or based on how much or little I documented on each weeks spread.

I have to be honest, this back side of June was a bit of a disappointment. I know I had collected
many pamphlets etc for the month, but as I was searching for them, I just couldn't recall where
it was that I put them, which is not surprising at all, so I had to go online, and print out what
info I could find on the places we had visited this month. The only thing I could find that I
actually had grabbed was the business card from the Hazelnut store out in Harrison.

I'm sure the originals will show up eventually, and when they do, I will add them to the insert.

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