Sunday, January 29, 2012

Project Life Week 4

This is the fourth week of Project Life, and I
am learning to not expect so much out of my
selection of photos or events that happen over
the week in question. I have come to realize
that like most of us, our lives are pretty routine,
pretty ordinary and that finding things to talk
about week after week so it doesn't get
repetitive may become challenging, so with
that being said, I will try to focus on the little
stories that make up the big story of our life.

For my left hand side, I once again used my
Photosheet program to put more then one photo
on a 4 x 6 picture, allowing me to tell one story
with more then one picture.

For the right hand side, it was hard to find pictures
for those vertical insert areas, so I have to remember
to take pictures both horizontally and vertically
when telling a story so that I have a choice when entering
them into my album.

Now I have done a good job this week documenting
all the little things that made up our week, and
although there may be a topic that might embarrass
one of my family, it's the part of our life that I may
enjoy reading about in 5 or 10 years, and that's
the whole point of this album right?

Here's the whole two sided spread for the week.

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