Monday, January 30, 2012

The testosterone levels start to balance

Now that both Jordyn and Amy have boys in their lives,
there is a much more even balance of testosterone in the
house, and that doesn't seem to bother Tim at all.

Jeff and Jordyn have been seeing each other for a month
now, and as I joked earlier today, I should start
charging him room and board, he's here that much.
But I haven't seen Jordyn this happy, so that
makes me happy too. He's a good fit to her, he's
patient, kind and totally gets her OCD and doesn't
push her or stress about the routines that are
a part of her regular day.

Daniel has been away traveling Europe for the
last 10 months and although they are technically
not committed to each other, we all know that's
just a silly thing that hasn't been said out loud is all.
Having only been back home for two weeks, he
too is starting to be a regular around here and
I haven't seen Amy smile this much in a long time.

It seems to be that lately I am always asking who's
going to be here for dinner, or who's coming over tonight,
and do I need to make extra food or that I
mind at all, it's nice to see those extra pairs of large sized
shoes sitting at the door, because it means the boys that
care about my girls are here, and that makes me happy.

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  1. OMG!!! They DO loook so happy :) They're all lucky to have such a supportive mom too - who lets their boys be around all the time. HAPPY FOR THEM!!!!