Monday, December 5, 2011

Dec 5th

These have become must in our house
over the holidays. I used to say they were
too pricey and not get them, because really
a $12 bag of chocolate does seem a bit high,
but you just can't beat the taste of these little
melt in your mouth bits of chocolatey heaven.
And really, this bag does last the entire month,
you do get a lot for your money. And I have only
ever been able to find them at Costco. So today,
when I walked round and round and still couldn't
spot them, I had to ask, and luckily, they had just
been moved and they were still in stock.
I actually bought this cute little decorated wooden
box last year to give out as a gift with treats in it,
but ended up liking it just too much to give it away.
And this year, it's now the home to these wonderful
chocolate indulgences.
As of right now, I will keep them on the kitchen
table along side my pointsetta (sp) until I finish
up the kitchen decorating, then who knows where
we will have to go in search of one of our favorite
holiday treats. But for now, they are nice and handy,
maybe a bit too handy actually, and well, maybe by
the end of the night I may have to hide them away
in fear of over indulging...yeah right ;p

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