Sunday, December 4, 2011

Dec 4th

Oh Christmas Tree, how lovely are thy branches.
We have had this artificial tree for at least 8 years, more
like 10 I'm sure, and it still looks like new each and every
year. Even without any adornments, I love it. It's tall, and
lush and I just am so happy once it is out of it's box and
ready to be decorated.

While I put on the lights and garland, the girls
sorted through all the decorations, and
ornaments, which we have lots from all the
years gone by. They each picked favorites,
teased each other about who had more from
special occasion like first Christmas's etc, and
even teased me about being old, and that some
seemed like they were from the "60's", even
if in reality they were from the 80's. Both had
quite the collection to put on, and even debated
about whether some would go on or not.

Here's the basic balls, the usual suspects that go
on each and every year, and usually fill up a good
portion of the tree. Some of these are newer, from Ikea, some as old as me probably since I
got them second hand years ago just because
they reminded me of my childhood.

Here's the pile they amassed while sorting
and the way they piled them you would think
it would be a bit of a task to get them from here
to the tree, but it all worked out, and none got
stepped on thankfully.

The tree in all it's glory, after Tim put on the Angel, his one and
only contribution to the annual tree trimming. That's okay, no
boys are allowed

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