Monday, December 19, 2011

Dec 19th

The cookie exchange was an idea I came up with for me to get to share my love of baking with my friends, and luckily Alyssa and Alison thought this was a great idea too. So we each made 3 dozens to exchange with each other and 3 different kinds. We also included Erika in this process, although with the move and the baby, she was the honored cookie guest who got to go home with goodies, but didn't have to bake.

This is all my cookies as they were cooling on the racks after a day of baking.

The cookies I made after all had been packed up. Looks so fancy, made me proud to give these away looking so awesome.

My wonderful group of friends, Alyssa, Erika (with sweet Evalie) and Alison

All the cookies on display for a reminder of the love we shared with each other through our baking.

Merry Christmas my dear friends, thank you for a wonderful evening of cookies, tea, and laughter.

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