Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Old and new

When Jordyn was young, in about grade 4, my mom
taught her how to crochet, and mom gave her left over
Christmas wool to do so. Jordyn crocheted until the ball
of wool was done, and it was a long skinny string that stretched
from one end of our large backyard to the other. Having no
idea what to do with it, I decided to put in on our tree that
year instead of the normal garland we always used.

Well, flash forward all these years later, and that long skinny
crocheted snake still wraps itself around our tree each and every
year. I love it, the simplicity, the love it puts on our tree and
still shows her how much I love that silly bit of wool.

This year, I decided I would give crocheting a try, and well, all
I can seem to do is make the same kind of long, skinny strand.
So guess where this will be when I am done? Right alongside
the one she made so many years ago.

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