Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Gingerbread cookies

Jordyn has been asking to make these cookies for
about a week now, so today we picked up some cookie
cutters, the ingredients we didn't have at home and
off to the land of baking she went. She found a easy
recipe on the internet and in now time had the batter
ready for cutting out and baking. Instead of the normal
decorating she has done in the past, she went with
chocolate instead, always a good thing in my books.

Just the feet or bottoms for them, all dipped and
drying on the sheets of wax paper, then it was off
to eyes and buttons for the little boys and girls.

A pipping bag of melted chocolate and a carefree
hand and attitude, each little cookie became a
gingerbread boy or girl. And yes, they taste
as yummy as the look.

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