Friday, September 9, 2011

Birthday cakes part one

I am making this post and the next one as well for my friends who are new or fairly new to motherhood. It's all about birthday cakes, and how no matter what your skill level is, a birthday cake you make from scratch or even from a cake mix is okay, as long as you make it with lots of love. In a world where there are cupcakes stores and gourmet cake stores all over, sometimes we lose sight of what is really important to the child, and that's the celebration of them, no one else is as important as they are on their birthday and it's my experience, that a cake makes as big a statement as any that they are special and that you love them. Now don't get me wrong, those gourmet cakes are gorgeous, and spectacular, but I guarantee you that it's the homemade ones they will remember for years to come.

This year I made Amy's cake and coated the entire outside edge in skor bits...oh my was it delicious...and when we were enjoying it with family and a few of her friends, do you know where the conversation went into the past, both my girls discussing which of their past birthday cakes were there favorites, and remembering almost each and everyone I had made, they talked about them with such happiness in their voices and made me feel happy that they remembered each of them so clearly, even the ones early in their remember mom's, a birthday cake made with love will be remembered for years to come.

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