Friday, July 29, 2011

One month left

I took this picture of Amy on July 28th,

exactly one month before she turns 20.

I was being sentimental yesterday, and

thankfully Amy gets me so she had no

problem letting me get a picture so I

could reflect a bit today.

We all remember milestones in our children's

lives, first birthday, first day of school,

first boyfriend, first heartbreak, then

there's sweet 16's then graduation,

then becoming of age and turning 19 :)

But maybe we forget to reflect on the passing of a year,

that when reflected back apon, may be one of great

growth, self awareness and life goals. That is what I have

seen the most in Amy this past year, she has grown, not

only in age, but in life experience, personal growth, and

in self awareness. She knows what she now wants out of

her life, and she is doing her best to get to where it is

she wants to be. Not easy, especially when those around

you might not always get it or understand why you need

to persue the goals you have set out for yourself. I am

proud of her for how she has made it thru a year of a job

she dislikes, yet works her ass off at to get not only one

semester of school saved for but two. She has a dream,

a goal, and a future that she is working hard towards,

I am a truly proud of her and all she has accomplished in

the last year. Can't wait to see what her 20's bring for her.

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