Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Missing Vegas!

I have been feeling the urge a lot lately, the urge to jump on a plane and get back to Vegas. But not for what most people who go to Vegas for, not the glam, the glitz or the for me it's for the chance to see Andy and Mike again. Both Tim and I wish they lived closer to us, they are such amazing friends, the type that you can spend a year apart, yet fall into instant conversation like no time has passed. They are easily our dearest friends and miles that seperate us get lost when we are together for those few days in Vegas. Whether it's hanging out in a casino, going out for dinner, or getting a tour of the vast dessert, we always have fun, no matter what....the hardest part of our friendship has alway been saying goodbye...and knowing that it will be months, maybe even a year til we can see each other again...sure do miss those two.

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