Saturday, January 8, 2011

My dear friend Erika

What a celebratory day today enjoying Erika opening all her baby shower gifts surrounded by those who love her. This has been a long journey for her and we were all blessed to be there today helping her navigate the waters towards motherhood. Much love was in the room today, advice from us moms, lots of gifts for baby and some for mom to be. Wonderful cupcakes made by her two sister in laws and other yummy food as well. I also was introduced to her sister Crystal who seems warm and wonderful like her sister. Many miles seperate Erika and I right now, and I am thankful she returned home to those she loves to mark this new chapter in her life. I am looking forward to being an aunty, and hopefully offering Erika advice and coping stratigies along the way.


  1. I'm happy to hear your friend has returned home =)

    BTW those cupcakes look soooo delish and sooo pretty with the swirls and the glitter =) MMMMMM

  2. Girl, you are just TOOOOOO SWEET! Thank you for celebrating in this very special occasion with me! It was WONDERFUL to have you there - and I so appreciate all the incredible pictures, gifts, and words of encouragement from you :) YOU ARE PRECIOUS TO ME!

  3. Congratulations Erika!! Wish you a healthy easy pregnancy!!