Wednesday, December 19, 2012

December Days - Day 16

We had a gingerbread house competition here tonight....between both the girls and their boyfriends, and each had their own kits to work with. It's quite amazing to see how both my girls differ so much in certain aspects especially in the execution and decorating of a gingerbread house.

Amy and Daniel, through the whole process. They got the village kit, so had a lot
more little details to deal with. I think they did an amazing job, each little house
individual from the next. And Amy's snowmen were such a great touch.

Jordyn and Jeff got the big house kit, so they had a bit more trouble getting
the house to actually stick together at the beginning, causing a bit of
frustration, but after it set up, they had a fun time decorating it, and
making it their own. I love that while they were decorating it, they were
talking about moving into it because it was perfect for them. 
I told both teams that I would post the photos onto Instagram and see how many likes they each got as to who won the contest, but as of this posting, they are tied for likes, so I may have to get both teams a prize.

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