Saturday, January 21, 2012

These boots

Yup, glad I got the girls rubber boots on Sunday, because
this week has been a snowy, slushy and now soggy mess
outside, and wet feet is just no fun. I got my pretty
flower ones (in middle of picture) in the summer, and
they did me great especially when geocaching in some
nasty weather, so as soon as the snow started
falling, I knew they needed them too.

Now Amy was totally content getting hers from Walmart,
the white and black ones, and although they aren't the most
comfortable to walk around in, she does appreciate dry feet.
Jordyn on the other hand had trouble finding ones that
fit her wide feet and didn't want them high, so she was
lucky and found a size at Aldo that fit, and wasn't out of
my price range. I am sure we will still get a bit more
use out of these rubber boots. But one thing I am happy
for is that they have come a long way in style since I
was a kid.... :)

1 comment:

  1. LOL the crafter in me just wants to take some permanent markers to the B&W boots Jo! LOL Yeah you'd be needing those in this slushy mess!