Friday, December 9, 2011

Dec 9th

The day isn't over yet, but I wanted to tell
this story today, so here it is. Today we got
an unexpected gift while on the job site. One
of the salesmen from North Coast Lumber
whom Tim has know for years, stopped
by to wish us happy holidays and gave us
a nicely wrapped box of chocolates.

Of course, I took a photo before unwrapping it,
and I learnt two things in the process, firstly,
I found out there is a store in Delta called
The Chocolate Bear Shoppe (why did I not know
this before?) and secondly,

that you can get customized wrapping for chocolate
inside a boxed assortment, if you look closely at
the orange wrapped bars, they all have
North Coast on them, and they are wrapped
in orange as that is one of the main colors
associated with the Lumber company.

and Tim said he hopes to at least get a couple of
these chocolate...I wonder what he meant by that?

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