Thursday, December 1, 2011

Dec 1st

I will be entering a December Daily entry each
day throughout December, which will basically be
what I will be putting into my album when I
get the photos printed out and I will use the
words here to journal into my album.

This advent calendar has been in our family for years. Linda got it for
the girls when they were little, and we have proudly displayed it
each and every year since. The little daily pieces have worn over
time, we've lost two of the original ones, which I replaced with
two gingerbread houses and one of the tassles went missing so
long ago I am no longer sad about This is so much a part
of our Christmas, I can't imagine starting December without it.

I decided to take a photo of the calendar once we had done all of it on Christmas Day, it would be fun to see how it differs in the years to come... :)

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