Sunday, December 11, 2011

Dec 11th

Today we made it into downtown Vancouver to visit
the Vancouver German Christmas market. I had wanted
to go last Christmas Eve, but the weather was bad
so we didn't go. Today began cloudy, but turned into
a nice sunny day, a perfect day to walk around the
market exploring, learning, tasting, listening to
all things German.

As we walked around the market, there were many
of the stalls that asked for no pictures to be taken, so
I don't have many to share, but outside the bigger
market store, which was incredible with all homemade
ornaments and wooden Christmas novelties, we managed
to get a few fun photos of us in the mini sleigh they had on
display...I had originally asked Jordyn to go pose, and
after taking her picture, Tim got in, so I got him to
pose with all each one of us...that is not something that
happens often, so of course they are the focus of my
daily entry today :)

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  1. happy to see you were able to at least get some shots outside =)