Sunday, November 6, 2011

For the love of Fall

These are my new geocaching boots, and I really like them, they are warm and waterproof and means I can get into any spot to find a cache. But this weekend, the thing I liked most about them was how they made wonderful crunching sounds on the bed of dried leaves as we walked along many different trails. We had a wonderful dry weekend, and the sun even came out to shine down on us. I also seemed much more aware of all the smells, textures and sounds this weekend, from the honking of the flock of geese overhead, the barking dogs, the neighing of the horses as they passed by us on a few trials or the simpleness of no sound of all, just the quietness of the forests and trails we wandered in search of the cache. I have always loved fall, the brilliant color palete, the warmess of layer clothes and the slight chill in the air that allows us to see our breath as we discover new outdoor places. This weekend was a break from routine, from work, and even from the normal rain that usually encompasses us for most of this time of year.

This is one of the last pictures I took today on my phone, just as we were coming back from finding a cache, the sun shining just slightly on some of the leaves, capturing natures simple beauty. How could you not love fall, with it's abundance of color and texture.

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