Sunday, June 5, 2011

Ever wish you were anywhere but here

I get like this in the summer especially, I hate Surrey, really hate it, and when the sun is shining brightly, and all I yearn for is to be in the great outdoors, what are the options...takes over an hour to drive to a lake, or even into Vancouver to walk the seawall. Being outside is in my blood, I was born basically in the True North, were in summer and in winter we were outside, never inside, hell, I am surprised we didn't live in an igloo, lol, that's how much time we spent outside. But Ontario is built for that, anytime of year, you can enjoy outdoor activities. BC in all it's splendor, well at least the lower mainland area at least, is too much city!!! not enough green space. Sure parks are great, but camping is forever to get to and that's if you are lucky enough to find a spot to stay. Living in a basement suite with no outside space doesn't allow for backyard fun or get to gether's for bbq's. I'm just feeling like I've awoke from a long winter's nap, and summer is knocking at my door, but I'm not allowed to go out and play. I look at all my family that lives in Ontario, with outdoor adventures, and sometimes I wish we would have never left when I was a kid, maybe I'd have that cabin on the lake, or the boat to go out and spend hours in. But alas, I'm stuck in my basement suite, sad and lonely and blue. So much potential, and no time or money to do what I want.

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