Monday, April 4, 2011

A few LO's I did over the weekend

I wanted to do something this weekend to celebrate Tim's love of the

Yankees. It was opening weekend for MLB and watching Tim watch the

Yankees on TV made me appreciate how much a part of him his being

a fan really is, I couldn't imagine him without a Yankees hat on.

The is the left hand side of the LO, the one below is the right hand side.

This LO is from pictures taken two summers ago, but I finally felt the

inspiration to get the LO done. Some of the elements I used made me

feel like I could actually see them fluttering in a sea breeze.


  1. Fabulous job on all your LOs girl!! (I'm behind on reading my blogs lately so excuse me with the one comment on all posts!) Keep up the fabulous work!! (maybe you should shop like that more often eh?!)

  2. yes Dolly, I should, it's been so nice having a variety of embellishments etc to choose from, but I also am finding that I am using up some older stuff as well. (some that I've had for like 5 years or so) so that makes me feel validated in my new shopping splurges.