Sunday, March 20, 2011

Thoughts on being a mom of a teenage girl

somedays it just SUCKS!!!!! let's be honest, you remember what you were like as a teenager right? You look fat, your hair didn't work out, nor your makeup, and well the boy you like doesn't like you back...Geez, life is SO hard....or so we thought. How my mother ever put up with me is a constant wonder, and the fact that she still likes me now is even a bigger mystery??? Because right now, I know exactly how she feels....listening to the complaining, the drama and yet feeling helpless and left out....because that's what's happening around here....sure I get told when she doesn't like what I sent her for lunch, or what I make for dinner, or that her hair sucks today, but when something really big happens, she shuts down, closes all doors and won't let me in....and you know what, it heart is actually hurting right now, sad that I don't have a clue what's bothering her, that I can't make it better, because first off I don't know WHAT it IS, and maybe if I did, I still probably couldn't make it better...but I just want to be able to try. This mom thing really should come with some kind of buffer, the ones where the heart and mind can stay focused on the important things, like making sure they are safe, feed etc...but my heart just can't do that...because when she hurts, I hurt more....because I'm hurting for both of us.

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