Friday, March 11, 2011

Scrapbook shopping score!!!!

okay, so I intended on going to the scrapbooking store and using my 40% off coupon on on item. Well I walked into Precious Memories, and they had so much on clearence today it was crazy. By the time I even got to the regular items I had a hand basket full of paper and embellishments. I got about 35 sheets of paper, stickers, 2 acrylic stamp set (and they gave me two sets free after I had made my purchase) a couple of wood stamps and flowers and buttons. I then used my coupon for a cool template for stitching cirlces on my layouts....I only spent $45 and my savings was over $ that's some good shopping.... :)


  1. Looks like you got lotsa goodies...and knowing you as I do it must have been a fabulous sale!
    Happy Scrappin'!

  2. Dolly are you saying I am frugal?? lol! Yes I walked in and all the paper was either 70 or 80% off and then the stamps were 50% off and then more paper was 25 cents a piece, and then a few of the items were regular price but the most expensive thing was the football paper for $2.99 which I can't wait to use. P.S. I miss our shopping trips together!