Monday, March 7, 2011

A few more LO's

I have started to realize that the more fun and carefree I am with my scrapbooking, the more I actually get done. No more worrying if things match, what others may think, color combos or whether all the lettering or embellishments are is the way to go right now, and I am actually having a lot of fun scrapping again....and isn't that what our hobby is supposed to be?


  1. All great! Esp love the first one - and how creative you were with the transparency - I haven't ever thought to use them like that! Super cool!

  2. Thanks Erika, I had that transperancy for a while and just played until I liked how it looked. After seeing all your wonderful LO's I was even more inspired to get more scalping done :)

  3. (smiling gently) Honey, they're beautiful. Congratulations on breaking though to Genuine Jo! :o)