Saturday, March 19, 2011

50% off at Precioius Memories

and I had money to spend, and spend it I did!!!!! I had sold a recliner the other night on craigslist and was going to use the money to get a new patio set...that was, until I got the email saying that most of the store would be 50% off this weekend. Needless to say, after work today, I went and had a shopping spree, all the while, Tim sat in the truck patiently waiting. What a great husband.

all my goodies literally took over 3/4 of my kitchen table. Oh where will I find room to put it all. Do you think anyone would notice if I just left it on the table??? We usually eat in the living room!

The reciept was as long as my grocery shopping one, geez, it actually spread from one side of my table to the other... :) But look at the picture below...that was one heck of a savings...I think only about 5 or 6 of the items weren't on sale, so not bad for 38 items.... can't wait to play.


    One I love that pink edged shaped paper. Two wondering what the heck the fiskars thing is. Three...I was looking at the first pic Jo ill? Not one LOVE thing????!!! LOL
    Thank goodness I got it in the other picture or I'd be worried about you...first spending like that and then no LOVE items...yeah a sure sign of something out of whack!

    ENJOY! Can't wait to see all the LOs you bang out! :)

  2. LOL Dolly, can you believe I actually only put a few items back once I got to the counter... :)
    And of course, you know, I had to have a few things with the word love on it, or I'd be worried about me too. I so need to reorganize again now, where to put it all.

  3. oh and the fiskars thing is a roller inker that you put a acrylic long stamp into, that's the two things I got beside it in the pic, and it inks and rolls the image onto your paper...and at half price it was only $10 so I wanted to give it a try :)

  4. And I was so motivated by all my new purchases that I actually scrapped 8 LO's between last night and today. :)

  5. oh so fun! I went on a shopping spree myself the other day at a store I just discovered ... oh so much fun! Oh, and I stocked up on Stampin up stuff - that was super fun too, because Sale A Bration meant MOUNDS of freebies! Oh, don't you love a good deal?!?!?

  6. I seem to be finding great deals lately. I got a cricuit on sale at Walmart for $229, regular $349 and the cartridges were down to $29 each. So for the regular price of the cricuit, I got two cartridge sets and some of the tools needed for it!